Hooray for Heather!

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We absolutely love working with Hospiscare and providing them with great print and design is just one of the things we like to help with. We also enjoy getting involved in some of the brilliant flagship events that they put on throughout the year. The Twilight Walk is held every year in Exmouth and is a womens only 5 or 10 mile walk which kicks off as the sun goes down. This year around 800 women took part and we are proud to say that one of them was our very own Heather Patterson!

Heather signed up for the full 10 mile route and came in first past the finish line followed by her friend Kate. Heather is one of the talented designers from our Brightsea Creative team and had this to say about her experience,

I had an absolutely fantastic time and can’t wait to do the next one! Such a great atmosphere and the entertainment around the route was spot on! It feels really good to be involved in the actual events as well as in the design and print of all the promotional materials too! I feel like part of one great big happy team!”